FAQ - What is this?

PlateQuery is a social network of registered license plates where people can contact anonymously a car owner, driver or report a particular car using its license plate number.

How to find a license plate?

Using the search box select the state and enter the numbers and letters combination of the license plate. You can optionally use a space or a hyphen character to separate them. For example "SAM-123", "SAM 123" and "SAM123" are all the same license plate number you can search.

How to contact or report a driver/car?

Once you have find the plate number you can post a message or report in the detail page. You can do it as a register user or as a guest. Both ways will be anonymous. The advantage of being a registered user is that you don't need to confirm every message with your email address

Being a registered user will expose my name, email or identity?

PlateQuery is a privacy-first service. We protect the identity of all users. We will never share your email to anybody or use your email to promote 3rd services. You can use most of Platequery's functionality without being a registered user but registering is recommended.

I'm a non-registered user, why do you ask my email every time I post a message?

We need to send you a confirmation link to your email every time you post something. Registered users don't need it.

I'm the owner/driver of a license plate listed, what can I do it with it?

If you are the car owner, the driver or you are just simply interested on a particular license plate you can subscribe for free to the license plate. Subscribers will receive email notifications every time somebody post a message or a report about this particular license plate number.

I'm a car owner and I don't like a message somebody posted

Any registered user can report messages clicking the flag icon next to the message. Reported messages will be review to take further action. Optionally you can claim ownership of the license plate number and change the license plate's privacy setting from public to private.

I don't want people to contact me or post reports about my license plate number

You can claim ownership of one or more license plates and change the privacy settings from public to private. A private listing's postings won't be visible and further posting is disable.

Can I delete a post about a particular license plate number?

You need to claim ownership of the license plate number in order to delete messages or change the privacy settings.

Is this a free service?

Yes this is a free service. Sending messages, posting reports and subscriptions are free. However claiming ownership and taking control of privacy settings requires a monthly subscription.

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